Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dad, who were your favourite teachers and why?

I must say I have several favourite teachers as I go through my entire education. My first class teacher that I liked was Mrs Karthigesu who taught me in Standard 1. She was a very good teacher and I guessed I cannot forget her as she failed me in my Oral English test when I said that I don't take salt. She passed salt for me to taste and I found it horrible so I just said I have not eaten salt before. Little did I know that it was used for cooking. However I have since developed an unhealthy liking for salty foods.

Another teacher I remember and liked was a kindergarden teacher a Miss Yeoh who taught me Catechism. I loved her classes as I could answer her questions and use to get holy pictures as a reward.

In Standard 2 I had a Mrs Phua who was very inspiring and I managed to do well in class due to her encouragement. At theat time I was able to attain the second position in class, a feat that I never experienced again.

In Standard 6, I had a friendly teacher in Mr Chew Ah Liang who was very good to the students and up till today we will still say hello if we meet each other in Chuch of the Immaculate Conception Johoe Baru.

If I am not mistaken I had a Mrs Nadarajah who taught us English in Form 1 or 2 and she encouraged me to write essays. I remember writing a piece on a visit to a hospital and she gave me a 7 out of 10. In fact it was also sent out for a UNESCO competition but I lost out to my good friend Dr Yong Kwet Yew

The other teacher I remembered is a Mrs Chandra who taught us English Literature in Form 5. I remembered her taking us through Jane Austen's Manasfield Park and I used to love the book.

 In 6th Form the teacher that I liked was a Mr Bakshi who taught us English Literature. He was a very good story teller.

At KTAR my favourite teacher would be my law he lecturer who taught us Mercantile Law. Mr Law or lawman as fondly called was good in expounding the legal terms and case histories and during the free time could sing his favourite melodies. Sadly he had passed on a few years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

Another lecturer we were fond of is Mr Loy Jit Loy. He taught us tax but he did not hesistate to follow us in our motorbikes when we go for meals etc. Coincindentally I met him this morning the 19/09/2013 in Jalan Gasing and he told me he was on his way to UH for a check up. Incidentally I also met his brother who was the Head of the Audit Department in JB and we became lunch partners there in the late seventies.

I must say I was so impressed with teachers that I harboured intentions to be a teacher after Form 6. I did lecture in FIT for a few months as a part time job. Sadly though I did not pursue this career after I finished my accountancy courses.

To all my teachers I am grateful to you all and May God Bless you all

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