Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dad, what were your favourite subjects in School and why?

In school I use to love history as I am somehow attracted to the stories of people. I love the events and the achievements our forefathers did and I wanted to emulate their good qualities. I also enjoyed my classes in Catechism as I had a strong attraction towards Jesus Christ and his holy Catholic Church. His biblical stories were all very inspiring as he cared for the marginalised, the poor and all thos who seek his help.

Another subject was arithmetic as it was easy then to memorise the time tables and solved simple arithmetical problems. However I got list in additional maths and I regretted taking Mathemetics for my Higher School Certificate. I did not know then that History would have been a better subject to take. This is mainly because I did not do history in Form 4 and 5 and was just afraid I could not catch up.

In HSC my favourite subject was Economics as it dealt with the market place and I loved the intricacies of the workings of the economy although I am no businessman. I also love English Literature although I may not be too fervent in the language. I remembered acting out in the play Othello in the Form 6 classes and although I was shy I sought of liked it too.

In College I love the law subjects aspecailly the Law of Torts and also some commercial law.

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