Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dad, who taught you to drive and what was your first car

My first driving school teacher was of course your Kung Kung. He allowed me to learn driving from him after I finished my Form 5. He paid the driving school to teach me too. I remember using an old Toyota for learning how to drive. The teacher was a Malay gentleman who brought me to the hills to test the emergency brakes as well as driving on the road. I was also taught on how to park sideways, reverse etc. My only problem was on the day of my test I was given a car that I had never used before and suddenly I did not know where was the hand brake which was no more in between the seats but was attached to the dashboard. I nearly failed the test because of my unfamiliarity but in the end my driving instructor managed to kow tim my driving test results. I remembered the tester reminding me to drive carefully. Those days, it was much easier to pass driving tests.

I also managed to get my motorbike licence when I was in College after 4 attempts as I had failed earlier as I drop my feet during the emergency brake tests. Unfortunately when I lost my driving licence the RIMV could not trace my record for the motorbike licence and thus now I only have my car driving licence

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