Friday, September 20, 2013

Dad, did you ever win an honour you were proud of, and what was it in honour of

No, I had not won any outstanding honours, although as a Boy Scout I had won several badges but failed to complete my first class honours due to my weakness in tying knots. I did not attempt the exam but I did receice other merit badges such as for translation, camping etc.

One certificate I was proud off was the blood donation certificate which was received in 1976. It was my first blood donation and at that time the Chinese were quite afraid to give blood with all kinds of superstitions. Until today there are still several people with such superstitions. I think Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman created history when close to 70 of us gave blood in a blood donation drive then. Since then giving blood is a routine and we were glad to help out in the fasting months as Muslims then will take a rest.

I was also given token of appreciation by the Sultan of Terengganu when we held our Ministry of Health Sports in the form of a turtle ashtray and also by the current Sultan of Johor who was then a Raja Muda with a commerortive plate for the Sports held in Johore. I was then the national treasurer for the Ministry of Health Sports Club.

In Church I was appointed the Parish Pastoral Council Chief in 2005 to 2011. It was a longest stint for a PPC Chairman and we had 4 other PPC Chairpersons before me. I was quite happy to be given letters of appreciation by Father Simon Yong , the Parish Priest. I finally step down in January 2012 after Father Simon passed the baton to Father Albert Tan SJ. My usccessor is Hans Tan. During my stint as Chairman I was happy to be given the honour to address the Parish Assemblies and also represented SFX in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.


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