Friday, September 27, 2013

Dad, what were your first few jobs? What did you do and do you remember how much you earned?

I landed my first job as a temporary stock clerk in Alec Bus Company as Kung Kung arrange for me to get some working experience after my Form 5 examination. I was paid RM 60 and all I had to do was to update the stock cards from the stock issuance/stock replenishment sheets. It was a matter of updating and ticking but it became a very boring job when I realised that the records will not match the physical stocks of the spare parts as I was not involved in any stock count at all. I gave up this job after 2 months.

I also did a temporary stint as a teacher in Federal Institute of Technology teaching English to the students there. I think I was paid about RM 120/200 per month and here too I lasted only about 2 months as I was on holidays or waiting to be posted.

After my completion of studies in TAR College in 1976, I landed a job fairly quickly as an executive accounting officer in the Department Of Civil Aviation. I was in charge of the Payments section and also did the payroll. It was quite an easy job authorising payment and ensuring proper account codes were used. This job paid me RM 640 as a starting pay. After 3 years I was transferred to the Central Medical Health office in Johor Baru in 1978. Here the finance section was my responsibility. I had to liase with the Accountant General's office after the Ministy of Health stopped the imprest system. In 1983 I was promoted to a Higher Executive Accounting Officer and was transferred back to KL in the Ministry of Health. Here too I was given charge of the Payroll, Revenue as well as some administration work. Although I finally qualified as an accountant in 1986, I only got my appointment as as Administrative Officer in Bank Negara Malaysia in 1989. I worked for six years and quit to be a Cosway stockist for about 5 to 6 months.

I was appointed an Assistant Vice President in Bank Of Commerce in 1996 and later promoted to Vice President in 2008. Here we did internal auditing too and I finally retired in 2009 at age of 55. Rested for about 9 months and then joined ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad as Internal Auditor on contract which ends in October 2013.


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