Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 PA Address on 5th November 2011

My final address as PPC Chairperson on 5th November 2011. Wishing all the very best to my successor as well as the new Parish Priest, Father Albert Tan

Most Reverend Tan Sri Datuk Archbishop Murphy Pakiam

Reverend Fathers Simon Yong & Albert Tan

Dearest Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Welcome to the 31st SFX Parish Pastoral Assembly. We commemorate our 50th Golden Jubilee this year and I am sure that you had participated and enjoyed the many events both social and spiritual over the past 3 years. Those of us who manage to be at the pilgrimage in Malacca will attest to the beautiful experience we encountered at the Mass in St Francis Institution and at St Paul’s Hill... The liturgy team handled the pilgrim Mass well at St Paul’s Hill and our own Scholastica did an excellent chanting of the hymns.

Well we still have a few more beautiful events to commemorate the closing of our GJ Celebrations. We certainly hope that you will be able to join the SFX Family in our closing GJ dinner.

This is the seventh time I am addressing the assembly as PPC Chief and I am indeed grateful for all your continued support despite my inability to serve you better. I continue to appreciate your love, understanding and your keen response in carrying out the various programmes which had more than compensated for my poor leadership. You continue to excel in all the projects undertaken especially projects that are planned according to the pastoral priorities...

The 31st SFX Pastoral Assembly is significant as we will see a change in the leadership. Father Albert will be our new Parish Priest and Father Simon who had been with us for a decade will take his well earned sabbatical. I take this opportunity to thank Father Simon for having the confidence in me all these years that I had served as the PPC Chairperson. It was a priceless experience where I gained so many blessings from God, the most of which I treasure is the opportunity to get to know and work with you for the greater glory of God. Yes kudos to Father Simon and I pray and hope that you will continue to support and love this man who had served us selflessly in the past 10 years or more.

In 2011, Father Simon was able to visit all the BECs and we had a good reunion of sorts when we completed the BEC Home Masses in May and June 2011. The outcome of which can still be seen in my enlarged waist line. Thank you for all the wonderful fellowship and we pray that you continue the kind hospitality to our new leaders in 2012.

For 2012, we would like to remind the BECs to revitalise yourselves and if necessary work closely with the Parish Groups. We had intentionally reduced the amount of plan activities in 2012 so that more quality time can be spent on the 4 main projects that you will decide on later this afternoon. Most Reverend Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam continues to urge us to make BECs our priority and the APC had in fact given the BEC some pertinent questions for reflection. You have carried the exercise in your BECs and I do hope you will voice out your needs when you plan for your activities in 2012. Collaborate with the Parish Groups for social action or for learning more of the Bible are my suggestions to you.

We continue to thank you, SFX parishioners for being so generous in helping us in many ways to fund and almost complete church renovations. The splendidly beautiful Loyola Hall today is a result of your contribution and hopefully this is put to good use for the further glory of God.

As customary I would like to thank all the parish commission chiefs i.e. Janet Chin, Vince Gomez, Molly and Matthew and Raja Isaiah who had each contributed tremendously in their various spheres. Without them we would probably not have so many successful projects. The Worship Commission had successfully guided us in to the usage of the new translation of the Roman missal. They are also continuing to recruit, guide and lead the liturgical team to celebrate all the major liturgical events of SFX. For Vince, he had been working tirelessly in the early part of the year when he diligently executed the plan activities of the first quarter. Molly and Matthew had been most visible in the Family day and Senior Citizen’s night. In spite of her poorer health she and Matthew had carried out the projects, the fruits of which you had seen, tasted and enjoyed. They had not forgotten the young couples and had sessions to discuss family life after watching the show “Fireproof” Our heartfelt condolence to Matthew who had just lost his sister and he is still, mourning her death. Raja Isaiah continues to be steadfast in looking after the Sunday school and had brought in a few training sessions for the Sunday school facilitators. We continue to have over 500 students in Sunday school and again those who can, please volunteer to help in our children’s religious education. The Standard one' parents had just conducted a wonderful Annual Party when over 800 tickets were snap up and the kids and the parents too had a wonderful time with so many activities. Well done

Our website sfx.com.my continues to break one record after another with more hits especially for the homilies of Father Simon, Albert and Michael... Please continue to visit this website regularly and view the latest Information. Thank you Iggy

I would like also to thank Linda Archibald and Anne Yong for have done their pastoral duties so well in spite of the tough challenges. We may also wish Linda all the very best in her future endeavour.

I know many others had also worked hard in 2011 to achieve your plans and

Strategies. I thank you all for your efforts although I can’t name you individually.

Please continue the good work and I am certain you will be rewarded as you are

helping in the Lord’s garden.

Moving on to the strategies of 2012:

The emphasis on BECs and the ongoing pastoral priorities are of utmost importance. So I urged you all when you plan for 2012 to take into account the areas of unity, formation, integral human development, inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue, youth, family and social communications.

In this PA workshop, we will again be slotted by months under the 4 Commission Chiefs and the 12 facilitators. You will have a mixture of parish groups and BECs... As usual the four Chiefs will oversee and guide you along. More details will be given by Janet.

We congratulate and thank the Golden Jubilee Committee headed by Francis Lai who had successfully lead us in the many projects. We will end our celebration on 3rd December 2011 with a subscription dinner. Meanwhile please come forward to support the GJ coffee table book and please try to attend the Novena to St Francis Xavier followed by the closing of the GJ celebrations dinner at the Super Tanker Restaurant at the Club in Bandar Utama...

We pray that the close cooperation between BECs, Parish Group and the Parish Administration will continue as we welcome the new parish priest officially on December 3rd and installed as parish priest on January 8th. 2012

Please continue to pray for SFX and all our Priests and our dear shepherd Most Reverend Tan Sri Datuk Archbishop in continuing their pastoral care to the flock in SFX.

I end this address with a grateful heart for all those years of your support for the PPC and Father Simon. I apologise if I had inadvertently hurt anyone of you. Take care and God bless you all. Thank you all, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lawrence Loh

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 is gone What have I done

2010 was a great and fast moving year. It was a year of changes and I wish to record some of the highlighs that I remember.

i) I was in the 3rd month of work in January after retiring from CIMB. My job requires me to audit compliance of legal issues such as AMLA/CFT, Whistle blowing, Information security policy and OSHA compliance. Was involved in the audit of Kota Kinabalu branch and also Kuching branch later in the year. Also in 2010 we started the audit of the auto leasing company. My first exercise was to do a Key Controls assessment in an asset management company.

ii) In SFX we prepare for our celebration of the Golden Jubilee in December 2011. We had successful family days and also a relatively happy and succesful Parish Assembly. The PPC retreat however had more GJ members than the PPC itself. Nevertheless, Bro Gerard brought us through a wonderful spiritual journey balanced with a good fellowship. The SFX wbsite and the Church itself became transformed and hopefully more people will worship here.

iii) In Bible study we went through St Paul by Father Michael Chua, then St John by Mgr James. The class finally ended in December and we wil be due for a retreat in January 2011. My thoughts are that I need a more critical mind in reading the Bible and that more exercises are needed before I come to a better comprehension.

iv) In the family we are living quite happily although Gabriel went and joined the sister in Brisbane for his A levels. Aaron began working with the accounting firm and Ian will sit for his O levels in 2011. Visited Mum a few times and she continues to be in good health and with certain streak of luck too. Kar Im is generally ok except for her weakening knees which may require a procedure in 2011.

v) 2010 also saw us visiting Eastern Europe for a pilgrimage. The journey saw me putting on weight as I was given both spiritual and physical upliftment. Spiritual because the awe and wonder of the miracles that took place in the past and in the experience of the pilgrims. The Churches that we visit, the fervent believers in Medugourge, and the presence of our Lord in the daily Masses and prayers gave us the spiritual upliftment. The companions and friends that we made at the 1st pilgrimage made this pilgrimage a more enjoyable and friendlier environment. New friends were also made. The physical upliftment was caused by the pork knuckles and the beer of course.

vi) 2010 started with a loss of a few key leaders of SFX. On January 1st, Father Simon led us to Taiping to attend a funeral of A. Matthews who helped us to get tax exemption for our wine and stained glasses. Then in Chinese New year we lost KC Wong who helped us in the electrical appliances, the multimedia and the sound system, then Alan Hoh, our St Peter of Sunday School left us suddenly to join the Lord. Personally my mother's eldest brother also died and this however brought a reunion of sorts as Mum and her siblings were in KL to attend the week long wake. In December 17, we lost our aunt, Vincent Loh's mum after suffering from kidney failure and other related illness for a year. Gerard Pereira a former PPC memeber and founder Chief of the Sports Ministry also suddenly left us in early December.

vii) We had also several good progress such as my learning how to blog, joining Facebook and also enhancing our friendships within the BEC, Pilgrims, PPC, GJ team and PCC members.

viii)New Year's eve saw a surprised group of people coming to our house after the 10.30pm Mass for a nightcap. The last guests finally left by 3am. Good start for 2011