Friday, April 5, 2013

Dad, what traits do you have that your parents also had? What side of the family do you most resemble

One of the the visible traits that I have which my father had was that we both can drink alcohol. I avoided alcohol in my early days due to the fact I saw my dad got drunk sometimes and although he does not whack us when he was drunk he had tended to shout sometimes and at time can hear him whining when he was too drunk. I thus avoided drinking till I was in College. Although I took up drinking I had always watched my limits and am seldom drunk. Just drink to enjoy and for  comradeship but not to suffer. My dad in later years also hardly get drunk as he kept to the one stout per night unless there were guests and during major festivals like Christmas and Chinese New Year. Another trait that I learn from my dad is the need to be punctual. He was a very responsible person in that sense and was rarely late for appointment

From Mum I learned a lot of patience and seldom will I get angry. However if I get angry I can be very fierce and sometimes lose my cool. The other trait we learn from both parents is to be hospitable. Both parents are very hospitable and always welcome guests into our homes even though sometimes we were struggling with the household expenses. God is great and had provided all of us a reasonably good upbringing and also all 3 sons had some form of University/College education. Only regret was that my sister Philo did not further her studies afer Form 5. She did some secretarial course and was working in lawyers's firm, jeans factory and other jobs. She however is a very caring and loving person and lives comfortably with all her kids graduating or on the point of graduation.

I think I resemble Dad very much in my facial features and was told that my walking style was also very much like him.