Monday, March 11, 2013

Dad, what the best thing your dad taught you

Dad taught us that family bonds are important and he was very filial to my Grandpa and Grandma. He respected them and made sure that they were well looked after. His love of his parents were also extended to his own family and that of his in laws and the rest of the siblings. He was very generous to all when he could afford to.

Although dad loves to drink, he does not shirk his responsibility as a father and a son. I remember the discipline he instill into us kids when study time was enforced from 7pm to 9p each weekday night. However his habit was to sleep and wake up early. As children we love to watch tv and sometimes we sneak into the tv room after he had gone to sleep. Dad did not however teach me to drink, though I cultivated the habit after attending college and when I started work.

Dad also instill the discipline of church going to us as he never failed to make sure we attend Mass each Sunday. I heard from Mum that in his earlier years he was not a regular church goer but was persuaded by Father Chego to do so. Dad also observes punctuality and was seldom late for his appointment

Another great lesson we learned from him is to be friendly, humble and loving to all. He had all kind of friends, including our Malay neighbours and a number of army personnel from Australia, Scotland etc. No racial discrimation as we have all sorts of visitors including some Indian friends too.

Dad taught us to fish, he was the one who taught me to put the worms into the hook as bait when we fished at the Senai river. I also probably cultivated the reading habit from him as he too was an avid reader, although he reads mostly Chinese kungfu novels and newspapers.

All in all I think the best thing taught us was to love our families, siblings grandparents and friends. His great hospitality had been passed on to us too.

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