Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thank you speech on the 81st birthday of Mum, Madam Chai Ming Ching

Short address on Madam Chai Ming Ching 81st birthday 10th November 2012 Dear Datuk, Datin, Grand Uncles, Grand Aunties, Uncles Aunties, Reverend Father Simon Yong and Reverend Father Mark Tee, Friends Ladies and Gentlemen. ( Chin Chit tun Peng Yew) On behalf of my Mum Madam Chai Ming Ching and our family, Henry and Aga, Alex, Philo and Francis Beh, Kar Im and all her grandchildren, Brendan & Serene Beatrice, Belinda, Aaron, Brenda, Gabriel and Ian, we wish to thank you most heartily for your most valued presence and presents. Indeed it is a very happy occasion for our Mum, grandmother as she moved on into the 81st year of her life. We are most grateful to God Almighty for blessing her with such a long life. My mum is a very popular and loving person, she had gone through great sacrifices to raise us. Even when we were poor she took extra care that we get our proper meals and were fully clothed. She is a very generous person and I am quite sure that many of you have tasted her kind hospitality and generosity of heart. We as Children/ grandchildren are very grateful to Mum to be our loving Mother/grandmother who loves us without question and always want to give us the Best in life. All her grandchildren love her exceedingly. Mum is an expert Mahjong player and at one time though she had very poor eyesight she could use her fingers to read the mahjong tiles and come up winning the game. Her gambling skills are notable and if I remembered correctly, her own mother ie my beloved late grand mother, Chia Por loved to gamble with us during the Chinese New Year. (it all in the genes) She has great luck and blessings and can sometimes strike 2 to 3 numbers in a four digit draw. However she knows too to play within her means and buy only RM 1 per number. Tonight I wish you great gamblers out there the best of luck maybe in the coming Wednesday draws. I would also like to take a moment of time to remember Dad, Loh Khiong Choo who had left us 15 years ago but is very fresh in our memories, I am sure he is watching this happy occasion. Please continue to remember him in your prayers. Once again, thank you all for making time and efforts and resources in sharing with us this happy occasion and hope you will enjoy yourselves. God willing we will be meeting again for her 91st birthday. Meanwhile do continue to keep in touch with her, especially the mahjong kakis so that her mind remains mentally alert and her health remains good as she does her morning walks with some of you. Thank you Ngim Koi, Sia Sieh Terima Kasih, Nandri and Cheers to everyone . Yam Seng.

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